Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Magnus College of Education, started under Galaxy Charitable Trust in 2013 has been successful in taking the vision of its managing society.

Our college is one of the very few non-government colleges in M.P., have excelled far ahead in its approach for educating students in professional courses.

Teacher is a part and parcel component of education system on which all entities depend upon. Teacher does not only make planning of education system but also execute, monitor and evaluate the achievement. A teacher education institution plays a very indispensable role in developing personality of teachers. Teachers are nation builders. Construction of nation depends largely on its teachers. Hence, it is a great responsibility of a teacher training institution to provide quality education.

Our mission is to promote quality education to help students in their urge to gain knowledge, to promote the feeling of national integration among the students, to contribute in the national development and to help its students achieve an all round development. To give a purposeful education for achieving not only academic excellence but also to enable our students to successfully fulfil the demands of todays professional life & challenges. "Knowledge gives Power".

Kalrav Shrivastav